Amalfi Coast: one of the best place in southern Italy

Italy is surrounded by three different seas on three sides. For this reason, you can discover a large number of different scenarios when you admire Italian coasts. We live in the Province of Salerno, in the South of Italy, in a wonderful position because we are between two of the most beautiful Italian coasts: Cilento Coast and Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 1997, and it is so called because Amalfi is the city that is situated in its centre, between Positano and Vietri sul Mare. Starting from Salerno, you can pass across wonderful small cities on the sea that will give you unforgettable views.

Here the temperatures are characterized by Mediterranean climate, so we have warm summers and mild winters.


Vietri sul Mare

If you start your travel from Salerno, the first city where I suggest to stop is Vietri sul Mare (Vietri on the Sea). In this small town there are a lot of landmarks, above all beautiful churches, such as the Church of St. John the Baptist.

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Walking through the streets of the old centre, you can find several typical restaurants and pizzerias, where you can taste delicious Italian food, from pizza to spaghetti e vongole (spaghetti with clams), looking at the sea.

But, the most important product of Vietri are the extraordinary polychrome ceramics, icon of the city. You should admire them in the Museo Provinciale della Ceramica, in Raito, a near village, or you should buy something in the traditional shops.

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Leaving Vietri sul Mare and proceeding on SS163 for about 15 minutes, you arrive to Cetara. As all the cities of Amalfi Coast, here the landscape is amazing. Houses built on the cliff seem to be suspended on the sea.

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Since its origins, Cetara has been homeland of fishermen, indeed, even today, fish is the typical product. If you want to try something very special, you have to go to Il Convento, a restaurant in the main square, and take a “cuoppo“, it is a dish of fried fish. You also can take it away to eat it on the beach nearby,  enjoying the sound of the sea.



Not far from Cetara, there is Erchie. This place is perfect if you want to spend your day to the sea. There is a small but wonderful beach where you can relax. Of course, there are structure that give you the possibility of renting a place on the beach, offering you beach umbrella and chairs and other services.

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As the space here is very limited, or if you don’t like chaos, you can reach easily two other small beaches. They are behind the cliff, so they are achievable only by sea. But no worries, there are some boats there, that will bring you there and take you back whenever you want!


Maiori and Minori

Maiori and Minori are the next two villages that you will encounter on your way along the Amalfi Coast. Both of them are amazing. It is very interesting and evocative walking through the little and ancient streets of this two town, it is charming looking to the sea sitting on a bench.

In Minori there is also a very famous bakery, known all over the world. Its name is Sal De Riso, and it makes delicious cakes with natural and genuine ingredients. Tasting a slice of those cakes, sitting at the terrace on the sea, is an incomparable experience.

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Amalfi is the heart of Amalfi Coast. The view of this city is something that needs no words and only seeing it with your own eyes you can appreciate the sight.

The most important landmark in Amalfi is the famous Cathedral of Saint Andrew in the square Piazza Duomo. It is situated in the very centre of the town and it deserves to be visited from the high staircase outside, to the interior in Baroque style.

Moreover, there are some interesting museums, such as the Museum of Handmade Paper or the Arsenal of the Maritime Republic. You can also find several souvenir shops where to buy typical products. Lemons of Amalfi Coast are without a doubt the speciality here, so I suggest you to try Limoncello, the typical liqueur made with them.


Amalfi Coast is a very special place and I hope that all of you will be able to visit it at least once in life. Have you ever been here?


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